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Nice! The beat is amazing so the base drop I love it !

I love this song because every time you play it, The song makes you feel like lightning.

(P.S. this is yaboiactions's old intro)

Wow...That a good song! The build up reminded me of Minecraft! Then quickly took it's own direction. I love songs that do that. Nice job!

SuperCat904 responds:

It's funny that this soundtrack seems to you like the background music from Minecraft. I'm glad you like it.

The song is amazing I've always loved songs with amazing base drop. Not only that it reminds me of a villain. its amazing!

Play a level in GD and fell in love with this song and now I finally found it. I bet many people feel the same way these GD songs are no joke. The creators of the songs are no joke either.

Love this song because the build up and base drop is amazing. ( P.S. this is Beckbrojack's outro)

In GD I made a challenge called "Hardcore Legacy" and every time you die you go back to level one. Long story short I die at 98% and threw my phone across the room I was in.

I love this song it's an amazing "2.0" of "Can't let go". I LOVE IT x100,000,000,000

Wow, this song straight takes all my worrys away like no other song I would love if could download it though.

I love this song it has a base but it not extreme like surface (by areo chord). and for that reason it's my favorite GD Subzero level

updated: If you spectrum analyze power trip around 0:20 hidden in the sound waves it says boom kitty and has the logo wanna see for your self download the song then click this link: https://academo.org/demos/spectrum-analyzer/

Ahoy this is Anymouseyy my name is inspired by anonymous and mouse. I love telling people good things, listening to music, and Drawing. Hope everyone stays positive and has fun.

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