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I love this song it has a base but it not extreme like surface (by areo chord). and for that reason it's my favorite GD Subzero level

updated: If you spectrum analyze power trip around 0:20 hidden in the sound waves it says boom kitty and has the logo wanna see for your self download the song then click this link: https://academo.org/demos/spectrum-analyzer/

If you play GD and played this level then like this vid- wait this isn't youtube? Ohh, then follow dj-Nate and favorite this song!

This song remind me of clutter funk part 1 and a hero theme song combined and give me intro ideas alot of intro ideas.I LOVE IT!!!

I love this song but how can put you inception on here and not beast mode! I think you should put beast mode on here.

Wassup SuperCat? This is a new type of song I've never heard before. I LOVE IT!!! too bad your not making any more songs I would love to hear more by you. GO SUPERCAT904!!!!

SuperCat904 responds:

Thank you very much. Since I'm currently in Tokyo, I have a lot to do. But I will continue to write music. Now there are 2 tracks in the process of writing. Wait for the new track!

100/5 this is one of my favorite songs hands down I just love how well the base drops

I love this song so much that I made my sister's intro out of it and she loved it. I have never seen her so happy about a song =D. which makes this song one of my all time favorite songs.

I love the song but I can't do any thing with it because you can't download it.

i love every part of this song for some reason it gives me electroman adventures vibes. overall i love this song.

i love this song. because of g-dash. i learned about this website because of g-dash. So yea g-dash is fun! and so is this song.

Ahoy this is Anymouseyy my name is inspired by anonymous and mouse. I love telling people good things, listening to music, and Drawing. Hope everyone stays positive and has fun.

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