Ahoy this is Anymouseyy my name is inspired by anonymous and mouse. I love telling people good things, listening to music, and Drawing. Hope everyone stays positive and has fun.

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Anymouseyy's News

Posted by Anymouseyy - July 17th, 2021

Holy shit! I haven't uploaded in months. Sorry about that never got the chance to. but im not dead so so that's good(lol?). idk? Got to go so stay awesome stay safe Anymouseyy out. (More post coming soon just stay with me.)


Posted by Anymouseyy - May 14th, 2021

I been trying my best to keep the promises i make but i just can't. Also my birthday was May 12th. but for now on when i make promises I will make sure to keep them. Also you should check out my follower named SuperCat904 and check out a game called friday night funkin' it' fire I can promise that. And with that have fun and stay safe Anymouseyy out.

Posted by Anymouseyy - April 30th, 2021

So.... I know I didn't upload but I'll make it up the reason this drawing is taking so long is because it's good. I promise this is not on purpose. So don't get pissed. I will upload later.


Posted by Anymouseyy - April 18th, 2021

Sorry for the long time for an art drop I've been busy but there be another drop today or tomorrow. Like i said in the previous post it's going to be hand drawn so stick around for that. And uhh yeah safe you know with corona and tell what to do next. Anymouseyy out!


Posted by Anymouseyy - February 18th, 2021

So I haven't uploaded in a while because I was spending time with my sister a call and playing games with her. I moved to Georgia and we gt separated but we've playing a game called Roblox together which make us feel closer. So I'm working on a better hand drawn picture this time it my sister's Character with my Character it's taking long than I thought so it might take a while to come out. While you wait you can listen to the song that I uploaded not one I made but a song that I have always wanted on NG have a good day and stay awesome.


Posted by Anymouseyy - February 1st, 2021

I know it's been a while since I uploaded any art but I'm working on a personification of Anymouseyy! This time it's hand drawn. Stick around for that and as alwa- hold up I have 4 new people in the Anymouseyy clan! Welcome! You guys can tell me what you want me to make. Have fun and check out my art if you are new!


Posted by Anymouseyy - January 21st, 2021

Ok...Don't get mad but I'm changing my logo. Why? Because well my original logo is to big but if the new logo doesn't look good I'll switch. Deal or No deal? Deal? Ok, also tell me what you want me to make. If you never listened to Welcome by SuperCat904 or Wicked by Avenza you need to NOW!

Posted by Anymouseyy - January 15th, 2021

So if you haven't seen already there are 2 new art post Fire of Fire, and Reversed Mountains. If you like them make sure you comment on this post! I would like to see what you guys want me to do next. Have fun!

Updated: the same person who took down my sister's logo took down reversed mountain twice! The second time was weird because I already blocked them at that point. I'm trying act happy but I'm really pissed ( That's how you know I'm mad don't say words like that often)

Posted by Anymouseyy - December 31st, 2020

Wassup amazing people? Check out the logo I just released (It's my sister's). If you like go ahead and comment, and while you at it go and follow SuperCat904.

Updated: So I log on to NG and find that some person took my sister's logo down ( ligit almost threw my computer across the room) and now i cant re-upload my sister logo, it sucks